Olimpic Distance

Complementary Activities Programme

Friday 25

Saturday 26

  • 09:30-12:30 Dorsals Pick up (El Arenal)
  • 10:00-13:10 Boxes opening
  • 13:05 Transition area must be empty
  • 13:05 Competitors presentation
  • 13:15 Females must follow the Technical officials’s instructions (out of the water)
  • 13:20 Males must follow the Technical officials’s instructions (out of the water)
  • 13:25 Female start
  • 13:30 Male start
  • 13:45 Bike course start
  • 14:55 Bike course arriving to the finish
  • 15:30 Arrival first classified
  • 17:15 Finish
  • 18:00 Awards ceremony


  • The race is ruled by the regulation of Triathlon’s Basque Federation (
  • There will be able to take park every athlete who has his federative license updated or has paid for the DAY INSURANCE. Sub 23: born in 95/96. Veterans 1: born from 69 to 78. Veterans 2: born from 59 to 68. Veterans 3: born before 58.
  • The organization will guard at all time over the safety of the race but it will not become responsible for the mishaps that could arise during the race.
  • Organizing Committee saves itself the right to modify the itinerary and neutralize everything or part of the race, if meteorological conditions or any other unforeseen circumstances made it necessary. In case of impossibility of making the swimming sector because of the sea conditions, the race will turn into a duathlon. In case of impossibility of making the cyclist sector because of traffic problems, it will turn into an aquathlon.
  • The informative meeting of the test will be in Bidebarrieta’s Library on Friday evening at 20:00, the previous day to the race.
  • The “control of material” in boxes will start at 08:00 and finish at 11:20. To accede to it it’s compulsory to present the federative license updated in year 2018 or one day insurance pass and a valid ID with photograph.
  • In case of rent of chip, it can be gathered at the entrance of boxes.
  • There will be two starts: 13:25 Female and 13:30 Male.
  • There is established a time limit for the first segment of 40 minutes (since Male’s start) and 2 hours and 25 minutes (since Male’s start) to finish de sencond segment. Every participant who exceeds any of the time limits will have to hand over his dorsal.
  • Drafting IS allowed.
  • The victualling will be correctly signalized with people at the expense of the organization.
  • Each participant is responsable for knowing the race, its circuit and its rules.
  • The Organization declines any responsibility on possible moral or material hurts that could happen to participants or spectators, before, during or after the race.
  • The Organizing Committee saves itself the right of admission.
  • The organization is obliged neither to any return nor economic compensation in case of disqualification of the triathlete, partial or total cancellation of the test, or modification of the race courses.
  • Image copyright. Every competitor relinquishes their claim to photographic and video copyright during the event, and he relinquishes any recourse against the organiser and against his approved partners for the use of his image. Only the organisation, INNEVENTO on its own or other authorized companies, can pass on these rights for the image in any media (radio, video, photograph, DVD, internet, posters, media, etc.) with sportive, promotional or comercial objetives. By the 15/1999 Image Copyright’s Law of december 13th, the competitor can cancel the total or part of the file contents by writing to INNEVENTO to the following address: Gran Vía, 81, 4th floor, Bilbao.

To decide to take part supposes the acceptance of all these conditions.

Cash Prices for Olympic Distance

1st 1.000 € 1.000 €
2nd 600 € 600 €
3rd 400 € 400 €

(*) Note: There will ensue from application to the mentioned quantities destined for prizes IRPF’s retentions that in his case ensue from application of conformity with arranged in the fiscal regulations / tributary that ensue from application the day of celebration of the test. If an drug test is in effect, any paiment will be made until the resoults come out.


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