• Nikki Bartlett (Scotland) and Hannah Drewett (UK) made top 5 of the Half Distance Bilbao Triathlon.
  • Hannah Drewett got the fastest swim and Nikki Bartlett he fastest bike ride.
  • Mark Livesey (Scotland) finished 15th overall and 1st 40-49 age group after a solid bike and leg course.
  • Manon Genet (France) DNF due to stomach problems when was running in 5th position.
  • Caroline Livesey (Scotland) did not recovered from her injuries and Did Not Start the race at last moment.
  • 1200 triathletes from 15 countries and 3 different continents in Olympic Distance (550) and Half Distance (650). Over 100 females taking part.
  • Swimming 1.9 km at the Nervión River feeling the cheers from the fans during all the course, cycling 90 km in 2 laps trough the basque mountains and running last 20km just next to Guggenheim museum.

Last Saturday, may 20th, over 1200 triathletes from all over the world raced at the Bilbao Triathlon (Half or Olympic distance) enjoying one of the most stunning landscapes.

Entries for the seventh edition of the Bilbao Triathlon were sold out several months ago and some British triathletes were at the starting line.

The swim start was at 12:45 in Nervion River and it helped on a cold morning to warm up the atmosphere a little. This river crosses the city centre so like every year both edges were full of people cheering for every single triathlete. It was a tough swim with female pack starting 5 minutes earlier than males. Both pros and age groups started at the same time and definitely they could feel the support of family and friends on every single stroke. It is a going and coming swimming track so it is perfect for the fans to follow the race up to the T1.

This was the plan for Dai Woordsford and his son to cheer for Vickie Woodsford, from CrapTri triathlon team, who is racing in Bilbao for the first time. “This is perfect for the fans and so unusual, we can follow her swim all over the course and she can hear us!!

Hannah Drewett is a former swimmer and got distance from the beginning. She has raced several times for the Great Britain National team in short distance. “I am a little nervous to see so many good pro triathletes here with so much experience in Iron Man and long courses. I am going to try to get advantage in the swimming course and hit it back during the running. I guess my path from short distance will give me that fastness”.

Just behind her Judith Corachan (runner up on last 2 editions) and Emma Bilham (winner in Pais de Aix 70.3 triathlon a week before) only 1 minute later.

The bike course goes through some of the most stunning scenery Basque Country has to offer. The Basque people are one of the most passionate cycling fans and climbing up El Vivero (3.5 miles and 7.8% average slope) will become a unique experience. Hannah tried to keep pushing on her bike to get a bigger break. Behind her Corachan passed Bilham first and got Hannah at the beginning of the second lap. Hannah was out of energy and finished with Manon Genet fighting for the 4th position the cycling course.
The male race was also very competitive. Gustavo Rodriguez, current Spanish Half Distance Champion lost almost 2 minutes against a group of 6 triathletes. Among them Arthur Horseau, the young French U23 Champion who leaded the course on the 1st bike lap. The Italian Domenico Passuello got several bike problems and retired.

I love climbing but when we talk about Spain we usually think about flat sunny roads next to the Mediterranean. This is completely different, it is lovely” says the former professional and top coach, Mark Livesey.

The half distance triathletes will cover twice the 40km track before heading back to the city center for T2. The race track is completely flat and running next the Guggenheim or through the bustling streets is a pleasure every single triathlete want to experience at least once in their lives.

Nikki Bartlet just got an injury few weeks ago and she confirmed her presence just few days ago. “I was so gutted when the doctor told me that I needed to drop from the race… few days after that I felt better and did not think twice. Bilbao Triathlon is the race and I won’t miss it

The well-known Bilbao will be the focal point for the world of triathlon once again with triathletes from over 15 countries. During last 6 years we have seen crossing the finish line world famous pro triathletes like Ewa Bugdol an Fraser Cartmell from Scotland or the british Philip Graves, Douglas Roberts and George Goodwin, Asa Lundstrom from sweeden, the aussies Ryan Baile and Charlotte McShane, Barbara Riveros from Chile, the american superstar Andrew Starykowics.

Among the national riders Gustavo Rodriguez, Marcel Zamora, Virginia Berasategi or Gurutze Frades have step up the podium at least once.

Bilbao has excellent accommodation facilities, including luxury Hotels and a caravan site suitable for both touring caravans and motor homes. You can get there straight by plane to Bilbao International airport or by ferry from Portsmouth. Also Santander is only one hour away and there is both Ferry and plane routes to the UK too. The area also offers a wide range of activities so is ideal for a full weekend with the family in the touristic Basque Country.


1 Gustavo Rodriguez 4:03:16 Judith Corachán 4:35:30
2 Pello Osoro 4:11:06 Emma Bilham 4:38:37
3 Erik Merino 4:11:53 Nikki Bartlett 4:40:08
4 Arthur Horseau 4:12:49 Hannah Drewett 4:52:01
5 Ander Okamika 4:14:11 María Carrasco 5:03:49
6 Denis Sketako 4:16:17 Mireia Arrillaga Murelaga 05:10:04

* hasta no saber los resultados del control antidopaje los resultados no serán oficiales


1 Luis Velasques 2:01:22 Charlotte McShane 2:18:10
2 Xabier Tijero 2:09:03 Ibone Sánchez 2:25:05
3 Joanes Goitisolo 2:09:37 Zuriñe Rodríguez 2:26:24


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