From 2019 race. The routes for 2020 might change

Swimming course 1,9 Km.

Swim Characteristics

  • The start time will be counted when the triathletes are in the water.
  • The route will be marked by buoys and canoeists at all times.

Mandatory Equipment

  • Cap with number (supplied by the organisation)
  • Long sleeve wetsuit
  • Swimming goggles

Cycling course 74 Km.

Start and Finish: Racks at Ramón de La Sota dock.

  • Euskalduna Bridge
  • Morgan Street
  • Bernaola tunel
  • Enekuri avenue
  • From Enekuri to Artxanda hill
  • Keep the road from Artxanda to Santo Domingo
  • Monte Avril upto El Vivero
  • 180º turn when arriving to El Vivero Golf
  • Downhill from El Vivero to Ergoien
  • N634 Etxebarri way
  • Zumalakarregi Avenue (entering from Santutxu)
  • Campo Volantín
  • Avenida de las Universidades
  • Boticavieja
  • Euskalduna bridge and a lap trough de la Sota dock

First Lap ends in De La Sota dock

The second lap crosses again the Euskalduna bridge to the T2

Total vertical gain 544 meters per lap (1784 ft)

  • New hilly route from Enekuri to Artxanda (10km at 4%, with max of 10%)

Bike Characteristics

  • DRAFTING is not allowed under ITU rules.
  • Cutting off other triathletes is prohibited.
  • Always cycle on the right-hand side of the road.
  • The Circuit will be marked every 5km by signs.
  • The Circuit will be partially closed to traffic.
  • The corresponding drink stations will be placed along the route.
  • The organisation will control intersections and crossroads.

Compulsory Equipment

  • Garment or garments which cover the body adequately.
  • Bicycle that meets the specifications of the current regulations.
  • Hard helmet that meets the specifications of the current regulations.
  • Race number always visible on the left-hand side of the bike.
  • A number, supplied by the organisation, which must be totally visible on the back of the participant.


El Vivero hill Km 18.5 y km 66

  • Bananas from Eroski
  • energy Gel from Finisher brand
  • Cycling botles with energy drink from Finisher
  • Cycling botles with water
  • Powerade

Explanada Museo Marítimo Km 37

  • energy bar from Finisher
  • Bananas from Eroski
  • Cycling botles with energy drink from Finisher
  • Cycling botles with water
  • Foot race course 21 Km.

    Two Laps course

    Start and finish: Maritime museum.

    • Evaristo Txurruka dock-Paseo Abandoibarra-Paseo Uribitarte up to city hall bridge
    • 180º turn and go straight on Paseo Uribitarte up to Zubizuri bridge
    • Cross Zubizuri bridge
    • Paseo del Campo Volantin up to city hall
    • 180º turn and Paseo del Campo de Volantin- Avenida Universidades and Ribera Boticavieja up to Euskalduna bridge
    • 180º turn and Ribera Boticavieja-Avenida Universidades- Paseo del Campo de Volantin up to Zubizuri Bridge
    • Cross Zubizuri Bridge
    • Paseo Uribitarte- Guggenheim walkway- Campa de los Ingleses- Evaristo Txurruka dock
    • Maritime Museum

    After the Martime museum starts a new Lap

    Foot race Characteristics

    • Urban circuit completely closed to traffic.
    • The race will be opened by a bicycle with the first man and women to qualify.
    • There will be drink stations on each lap.
    • Marking and signposting km by km.

    Route: 2 laps for a total 21km.

    Compulsory Equipment

    • Garment or garments which cover the body adequately.
    • A number, supplied by the organization, which must be totally visible on the front of the participant.
    • Any other element that the Organiser, in accordance with the Technical Officer considers appropriate (wristbands, double number, etc.)


    Pío Baroja
    1st lap km 0.75 y km 9.1
    2nd lap km 11.7 y km 19.1

    • Water, CocaCola and Aquarius
    • bananas and oranges from Eroski

    Campo Volantin
    1st lap km 4.2 y km 7.7
    2nd lap km 14.2 y km 17.7

    • Energy Gel from Finisher brand
    • Water, CocaCola and Aquarius
    • Bananas and oranges from Eroski

    Cut-off times

    Start time: 12:30 (female and male together).

    (5 minutes gap between Official start for licenced triathletes and OPEN starts for non licensed (12:35))

    Circuit Time Start Situation
    Swimming 1h from Open start. 13:35 Out of the racks
    Swimming + cycling When the first catches up the group At any point of the 1st lap
    Swimming + cycling (km 36) 2h 45min from OPEN Start 15:20h At the end of the 1st lap
    Swimming + cycling (km 45) 3h 10 min from OPEN start At Santo Domingo roundabout
    Total cut-off time 7:30 hours 20:00 hours

    *Penalty Box to be confirmed (1st and 2nd at Erkoreka roundabout and 3rd at the Transition Area)