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Where do I sleep and what I can do on the weekend of September 30 in Bilbao? 

In Bilbao Tourism you can find everything you need. With the Guggenheim Museum as a great international symbol, the capital of Bizkaia is a city that is a worldwide example of urban transformation and that has maintained its own culture and hallmarks that make it unique and singular. Always with the Nervión estuary as the main protagonist, Bilbao is now a benchmark in the organization of quality events. And in recent years, sporting events such as the Bilbao Triathlon have been essential in this transformation of the city.

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You have all the information you need at the official tourist office: Bilbao Bizkaia. Thanks to them you will easily find what you are looking for, from accommodation, restaurants, as well as the most magical places that are hidden in the territory. Beaches, hiking trails, museums and ancient towns are waiting for you. Everything is nearby in Bilbao – Bizkaia, take advantage of your visit to the Bilbao Triathlon to discover new places.