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Approach the world of sports, and especially the triathlon, next October 5th in the eighth edition of the BilbaoTriathlon that will repeat once again in the Biscayan capital. We want to invite you to live through this event from inside, taking part live in the development of the competition.

Your help will be more than necessary!!!

An event of the characteristics of this triathlon will demand perfect care both of the sportsman and of the fan, and this supposes keeping controlled all the fundamental aspects of the event, the starts, the victualling, the direction of the race or the arrival. Additionally, it will have to attend and keep informed the fans and the press who will come to Bilbao.

Last year you were more than 130 and this one we wait for many people more!!

If you want to take part during the 25th and 26th of September of the organization of the Bilbao Triathlon do not hesitate to sign up as volunteer sending an e-mail to info@innevento.com

For the value that from Bilbao Triathlon we grant to your collaboration, and after the experience of last year, we promise to recognize the figure of the volunteer, to facilitate the formation and necessary information, and to provide the equipment that allows to carry out the needed function.

In return, we look for people consistent with the acquired commitment, with a positive and participative attitude, which respects the principles and the guidelines of the competition and attends punctually at his position.




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Instituciones colaboradoras

Diputación Foral de BizkaiaAyuntamiento de Bilbao


Caja Rural El Corte Inglés

Vehículo oficial

Mercedes-Benz Aguinaga


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Euskadiko Triatloi FederazioaFETRI

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